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My passion for design started at a young age, I have always had an interested in art and design. Having done two full restorations on my family homes, I realised I had a creative eye.

Throughout schooling I was sure that design was my niche, having done art photography and textiles, at A-Level. I became involved in so many different aspects of design. I then chose further education, reading interior design.

Now recently graduated from the University of Kent with a 2:1 BA (hons) degree in Interior design. I look to extent my repertoire of work and am constantly looking for new projects and creative ideas.

My degree spread over three years the first year studying architecture, which gave me much better spatial awareness and understanding of different structural elements to building. The second and third years of the course were focused on interior design. Specialising in working on live projects with the chosen interior designer or architect, as well as coming up with my own design concepts, creating ideas of how to resuscitate a building and energise the surrounding area, and finally designing my own brief for a project.

After graduating from university I recently interior designed and project managed a new build office complex and business lounge, this was an amazing experience, excising my organisational skills and attention to detail.

The design had to cover all aspects from the interior finishes to the final design portfolio and presenting to the client. Throughout the process I constantly liaised with the building contractors from all trades to ensure all deadline were met, as well as ordered goods and arranging meetings on and off site.  I also continually worked with the clients right from the concept designs to the final designs and costings, also to ensure that the individual design reflects the client's history and the area history.

My goal is to achieve a creative and long full career in interior design, finding unique ways of using client's space and creating the sorts of environment that will astonish yet instantly leave a visitor feel at ease. This is as I truly believe that interior design is an integral part to any development whether residential or commercial and both function and form need to be thought through and discussed with all clients. Family background has allowed me to visit building sites to include all aspects from commercial new builds to residential redevelopments, throughout my life which in part has led to this passion of my own taking inspiration from all aspects of life.

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